Finding a Good Job with Just a High School Diploma is NOT easy!

Are you high school students? Or you have son or daughter who are studying in the high school and struggling in study? If yes, then they may want to quit the study and want to get some job. Have you ever wonder about those who have dropouts from the high schools? If you are the parents of those children, who want to quit their high school study then you can guide them if you keep the following things in mind.

looking for a job

The very first thing that every parent should know that finding a good job with just a high school diploma is NOT easy! As a parent anyone wants to see their son or daughter at the high-level position with good job salary isn’t it? But, if your child gets dropouts from the high school than it becomes quite tough for them you get the good job. However, there are other cases, where someone got the good job direct after his/her high school study or diploma. But, it is not going to do with everyone because the time has changed we are living in 21st century. In the earlier decades, it may happen that someone gets good job on the basis of their diploma course or even on their matriculation. But, nowadays education has taken their place in the main living things of human life. People are getting aware regarding the needs of education in life so; it becomes very tough for one who wants to get the job with just high school qualifications.

I am not saying that with just high school qualification you didn’t get any job, you might get, but it is not that good one regarding which I am talking. You may hardly get the job on the basis of your qualification but, the salary spent in your living and food expense. So, all you earn is spent on just your house rent and food, which just not enough nowadays. With just high school diploma or any equivalent course May students are finding themselves as chasing for job instead of holding them. And due to the uncertain economy of this century even graduate students are competing for the job vacancies then what can thing about the diploma holder or high school dropouts?

However, you can get some online computer based job if you have basic knowledge of computers. But, it has not a future scope. You better know, How one can handle their children and wife in the future with this type of home based job. Just think about seriously! It is very obvious if one is dropouts from the high school have to face the problems of pain and poverty in the future. It is just not a problem of funds but, the lack of education can result in wrong decision making sometimes also. The high school dropout students may not get any job although trying from a long time so; it can lead to depression and also in some case student gets wrong decision.

However, Army is the only best choice for high school dropouts but for that you have to prove yourself. It is the only one good job that can secure your life and future. Education is necessary things that can be screened us from those other people’s crowd.

How to Apply For Unemployment- Provide all information those are genuine while applying

zzSome of the states in US provide lots of provision for those who are unemployed or have lost their jobs. Most of the unemployment claims are rejected they are not aware of the laws and what are the eligibility criteria and conditions required for approval for unemployment.

The criteria and requirement of different state varies. Because of various criteria it is important to be sure to file the application very correctly. Especially the qualification for unemployment is different for different states. You should just not believe that unemployment is free money from the government nor it is a form of welfare. It should be remembered that when a person is employed his employer puts money into a dedicated unemployment account, to cover you against such an event.

How to apply for unemployment

To apply for unemployment you should first be eligible for unemployment. The general rule is that you must become unemployed through no fault of yours. It is a strict rule that has to be followed. In case you are asked to quit or fired then you have to prove it whether you were fired or if you quit.

Some of the states have also made it quite easy nowadays by allowing you to do filing of application on online on the internet. They also have provided another option that means if you are not confident or unsure how to apply for unemployment then, try calling the US Department of Labor.

While filing for application there are certain things you need to be accurate in giving the information about your start and leaving the job dates correctly. Give your exact name, address and phone number and above all you have to declare whatever income you have earned.

In case you lose your job it is very essential that you take keen interest in filling an application. Before filing the application ensure that you have given the right information only. See that there are no mistakes in the application. If by chance they come across any mistake then they will withhold the application and they may even call you for further interview and this will delay the process and at times even refuse your application.

Some of the information required by them would be like they may ask you about your Social Security number, your federal employer’s number and also your number, so that they can contact you for some inquiry.

There are certain factors that may disqualify your application like

  • Getting dismissed for some misconduct
  • Leaving your job without any cause
  • Getting dismissed for some quarrel

It is absolutely essential that you should not get dishearten if you have lost your job, take the opportunity to apply for unemployment so that, you get some financial aid, in the mean time you can get busy in searching a new job for you. Such situation do come in lifetime but never take in negative sense. Try to move ahead and succeed in life.

My Free Government Phone Helped Me Get a Job

Who can forget the toll of recession? Many people have been compelled to lower their standard of living and sacrifice many luxuries. To many, a cell phone and a phone bill counts as a luxury rather than a necessity. In order to provide the basic necessities, the government has come up with the free cell phone service.

get_a_jobWhy you need a free cell phone service?
Though it is understandable that you are not in a financial position to pay phone bills or even buy a cell phone; you can never deny the need of a cell phone. It is the connecting point between you and your employer.
You can get your interview calls on your cell phone and also can clear the telephonic rounds through it. Employers always seek candidates who are easily reachable.

You can connect with your family members when you are out of city. It is really a tension when you are away and cannot communicate with your old parents. Calls make the family bonding much stronger.

Last but not the least, you can get instant medical help in case of exigencies. Call an ambulance or a doctor instantly at any time of the day from anywhere from your cell phone.

What are the offers?
A free cell phone service is aimed at fulfilling your basic needs. It provides you with a modern, multi-featured cell phone with 250 minutes talk time limit. Some telecom service providers companies also provide you with the facility of sending and receiving text messages.

The additional services provided by free cell phone service or the Lifeline service are:
• Call conferencing service which lets you speak with 3 or 5 callers at a single point of time
• Call forwarding service which transfers the call to another number when the calling number is busy or not reachable
• Call waiting service which helps you to know who is calling you when you are busy on another call
• Caller id which helps you to identify your caller
• International calling service which helps you to make long distance calls

If you need more talk time or other features, you can also upgrade your plan with a nominal fees.

Eligibility criteria for a Lifeline service

This scheme is aimed at fulfilling the calling needs of the under privileged Americans. If the household salary is less than or equal to 135 percent or 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, then that family is eligible to get the free cell phone service.

Moreover, if you are under any of the special benefit scheme of the government, then you automatically eligible for the scheme. Some such special benefit schemes are:

• Medicaid
• Food Stamps
• Supplemental Security Income(SSI)
• Section 8 Public Housing Assistance
• Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program(LIHEAP)
• Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program(TANF)
• National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch

The schemes sometime vary as per the state. The applicant must submit an income proof along with the application to get this offer. The Assurance Wireless, the Safelink Wireless and Reachout Wireless are some of the major cheap cell phone service providers of United States of America.